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Our vision is to excel in preventive healthcare delivery using technology to help everyone live healthier.

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The Need

Currently, there are no screening solutions to show early indications of developing chronic conditions like Type 2 Diabetes and Hypertension. Questioner-based risk assessment tools are indirect and week indicators of measuring risk. Blood Glucose Tests aid in providing a diagnosis but do not provide the early indications, and these tests are painful. Due to these reasons, the user is not opting for preventive healthcare programs, causing delayed care.

Our Solution

Aarca Research solutions encourage users to undergo regular health check-ups. We have developed a first-of-its-kind technology using artificial intelligence for early detection and risk assessment of Type 2 diabetes and hypertension. Our technology takes input from an FDA cleared thermal cameras and uses computer vision and machine learning models to evaluate the comorbidity risk profile of the user, and provides the risk real-time. Now a user has a chance to take precautions to delay or avoid the onset of these conditions.

The Team

We are a team built from multiple disciplines including medicine, biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, and software engineering with more than thirty years of healthcare and entrepreneurship experience. We bring innovation, and agility together.

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This method is non-invasive, quick. With this proven accuracy and ease of use, we recommend it for the patients in monitoring the health risk.

Dept of General Medicine,
Kamineni Hospitals

It’s good concept to know the health issues. Encourages our teams to be proactive about their health.

Head of Human Resources
Global engineering and technology solutions company.

We have done more than 1000 people's screening with this product in less than 3 days. Its quick, accurate and innovative. Highly recommended.

Vice president of
one of the leading insurance brokers.

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